Fire Insurance

Fire insurance policy is suitable for the owner of property, one who holds property in trust or in commission; individuals/ financial institutions who have financial interest in the property. All immovable and movable property located at a particular premises such as buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings and other contents, stocks and stock in process along with goods held in trust or in commission including stocks at suppliers/ customer's premises, machinery temporarily removed from the premises for repairs can be insured.




Aircraft Damage

Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage

Storm, Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation

Impact damage

Subsidence and landslide including Rock slide

Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and Pipes

Missile testing operations

Leakage from Automatic Sprinkler Installation

Bush Fire

Earthquake (Fire & Shock)

Spontaneous Combustion

Deterioration of Stocks in cold Storage premises due to accidental power failure consequent to damage at the premises of Power Station due to an insured peril

Deterioration of stocks in cold storage premises due to change in temperature arising out of loss or damage to the cold storage machinery (ies) in the Insured’s premises due to operation of insured peril.

Forest Fire

Impact Damage due to Insured’s own Rail/Road Vehicles, Fork lifts, Cranes, Stackers and the like and articles dropped there from.

Omission to Insure additions, alterations or extensions clause

Removal of Debris (in excess of 1% of claim amount)

Architect, Surveyors & Consulting engineer’s fees in excess of 3 % of claim amount.

Spontaneous Combustion

Spoilage Material Damage Cover

Leakage and Contamination Cover

Temporary Removal of Stocks

Loss of Rent

Rent for an Alternate Accommodation