Health Insurance

When it comes to planning for medical emergencies financially, one tends to worry mainly about the hospital bills. Medical care comes with a price tag and arranging for funds during crisis may lead to running from pillar to post, making a dent into your savings or worse. Sudden hospitalisation can wreak havoc on your finances and impact your regular financial liabilities. Universal gives you the smart alternatives to stay on top of such situations by wisely choosing right health insurance policy from pool of policies in the market. We will help you to choose between individual plans, family floater plans or Senior Citizens plans as per your requirement.

Hospitalisation expenses – Takes care of payment or reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses incurred by the policy holder for treatment of disease, illness, injury in a Hospital.

Domiciliary hospitalisation – Takes care of expenses involving medical treatment for a period exceeding three days for disease, illness or injury, where the treatment is actually taken at home..

Day care treatment – Takes care of expenses incurred in case of day care treatment where 24 hours of hospitalisation is not required due to technologically advanced treatment..

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses – Takes care of pre hospitalisation expenses prior to hospitalisation and post hospitalisation expenses incurred following discharge from Hospital for specified days..

Critical Illness – A separate and additional sum insured for diagnosis of different critical illnesses.

Lifetime renewal allowed

Renewal discount of 5% for every claim-free year, up to a maximum of 25%

Reimbursement of cost of medical check-up for every block of four claim-free years

Among the major exclusions under the policy are -

Pre-existing diseases/illnesses/injuries/conditions. However, the same would be covered from the 5th year of the Policy after four continuous renewals with the Company without break

Medical expenses incurred for treatment undertaken for disease or illness and/or for critical illness within 30 days of the inception date of this Policy. This exclusion doesn’t apply for subsequent renewals with the Company without a break.

Benefits under Critical Illness section of the policy within 60 days of inception of the policy

Expenses incurred on treatment of specified conditions such as Cataract, Hernia, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers etc. (For complete list, please refer to policy wordings)

Personal exclusions if any mentioned in respect of any one or more specific insured persons covered.