Mobile Insurance

Your mobile phone goes everywhere with you, so it's easy for it to get damaged, lost or stolen. So what can happen if your phone is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged and you are not insured?

If your phone is stolen, you will be liable for unauthorised calls made on your phone after the theft has occurred.

You will need to purchase a new phone – high retail prices may be payable.

If you cancel your mobile digital service whilst still under contract, because you no longer have a phone to use, cancellation fees will be incurred, and you will also lose your mobile number.

Affinity business is a short term, low premium and high volume business. It is an integral business line of universal family & most developing business line in the country. It help to strengthen relationships, generate additional revenue stream, enhance sales, stronger business proposition and competitive differentiation for our trade partners. Most importantly Affinity reaches to mass and have potential to reach millions of customers.

Universal is a Leading Broker for affinity products & it's a fastest growing vertical, currently we have our distribution network with OEMs, Organized trade, General trade via various distribution channels such as retail chains, OTC/POS kits, distributors, etc. Universal has touched a mile stone of 10 Million customers under this channel over a period of 5 years & almost 100% growth with year on year basis. Pioneer in cell phone insurance scheme in the country & running show for insurers at less than 50% loss ratio on earned premium basis, year on year.

This service is a blend of insurance with concierge service through Universal unique bouquet of Value Added Services for our customers, trade partners & over 500 associate agencies. Impeccable platform issues policies on real time basis & claims process on the go for its claimant with door to door service, this make universal a household brand. Universal Affinity program is an industry benchmark in the country.

Affinity channel operate with complete transparency & education to trade and consumer, hence we have trained more than 2000 outlets of clients/partners in 400 cities across the India. Created product consumer – product connect via above the line communication such as TV Commercials, New Papers ad, Digital marketing.

India has 1.30 billion populations and low insurance penetration which itself shows huge potential to aspire the high growth. Universal's vision is not only the leading Broker in India but also be the leaders around the world (pioneer in UAE to launch cell phone insurance).


Accidental loss

Accidental damage

Electronic breakdown/failure

National/ International

Unauthorised calls coverage

Cover for accessories