Motor Insurance

Considering buying insurance cover for your car? Look no further. Univesal Insurance brings to you a comprehensive protection for your car!

Accidental damage or theft – pays for damage undergone by your car if collided, stolen, vandalized or affected in flood, fire or other covered perils.

Damage to other's cars and property – offers protection to you against your liability that arise due to accidental damages caused to other's property by your car.

Bodily Injury to other people – pays for bodily injury and death resulting from accident where you are at fault.

On top of these covers, you would require few optional insurance coverage also known as Additional or Supplementary cover. These protective covers, offers extra protection over and above basic insurance cover.

Along with these primary insurance coverages, you can also choose additional covers for additional amount to ensure complete protection to your vehicle and life. These covers offer you a range of benefits which will help protect your savings and peace of mind :

Depreciation Cover

Hospital Cash cover

Personal Accident for Family/ Passenger

Ambulance Charges Cover

Medical expenses Cover

Invoice Price Cover

Car insurance policy provides you a comprehensive protection.

Normal wear and tear of the vehicle

Mechanical and electrical breakdown

Vehicles being used other than in accordance with the limitations as to use

Damage to/by a person driving without a valid driving license

Loss or damage under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance

Loss or damage due to depreciation

Loss or damage due to war or nuclear risks

Consequential loss

Compulsory Deductibles